Attract more customers and keep them coming back

Retail shopping centres come in all different sizes, shapes and surfaces – and they need specialist teams to keep them sparkling clean and fresh for your customers.

Palace Cleaning Services provide fully trained and experienced cleaners who can cater to the specialised attention needed on all your surfaces.  Our specialised commercial standard equipment is purpose designed to

  • Polish and buff hard floor areas.
  • Scrubbing machines to maintain large floor areas
  • Strip and seal of hard floors

We can do it all to maintain the sparkle in your walk ways and retail areas.

At Palace Cleaning Services, we are all about

  • Presentation
  • Hygiene
  • Cleanliness

We understand the need to maintain platinum standards in a very competitive retail market and we appreciate your customer’s high expectations!

Regardless of the size of your centre, we have the sparkle clean experts ready to meet the highest of standards – at any time, day or night – we have the professionals ready to maintain your facility.

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