Expertise in Healthcare Cleaning Services

Stop the spread of viruses and bacteria in its tracks! You CAN avoid infection outbreaks among your patients, clients and staff!

Palace Cleaning Services have the professional staff ready to stay on top of your sanitisation and minimize the risk of illness by implementing infectious disease control procedures.

Targeting Infection Control – our highly trained staff clean and move on – we don’t back track and cross contaminate areas we have decontaminated and sanitized – you can trust that when we say we have cleaned and sterilized to the highest possible standard – then its true.

Whether it’s a high or low risk area, Palace Cleaning Services can clean your specialised clinical and medical suites, administration areas, your kitchens, carparks and plant rooms, using the appropriate techniques, chemicals and experience to give you a sparkle clean every time!

Let us evaluate your requirements and provide you with a complete cleaning system and a very competitive price.

  • Safe Cleaning Practices including programs covering effective disinfection
  • Effective cleaning and disinfection techniques
  • Minimized Cross Contamination utilizing microfiber wipers and floor cleaning systems

Don't take chances in your healthcare environment